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Terms of Service

Please read thoroughly, by commissioning me you agree to my Terms of Service!

General terms:

I live in Alaska so my timezone is a bit different, so I may not reply right away sometimes!

commissions under $50 must be paid for upfront, commissions over $50 may be paid half upfront and half on completion.

I may ask for your ID if at any time I feel unsure of your age. If you cannot provide ID, or are found to be under 18, your commission slot will be terminated. You may also provide official convention issued ID from an exclusively over 18 convention. The name on the badge must match the name of the character you are commissioning. 


I have the right to refuse any commission I am not comfortable doing or if the commissioner is rude to me throughout the process, i;e threatening, expecting more than what’s possible, any racism, homophobia, or transphobia.

Payment is via paypal invoice only, requests for alternative forms of payment are not accepted. (example: Venmo, any cash apps that are not paypal)


Commissions are done on a first-come first-serve basis, you are added to the queue once payment is made. In cases of large commissions, they may be worked on together in stages and not completed one by one.


Full size illustrations will be sized A4 300dpi unless asked for specific dimensions, please see my sticker page or animation page for relevant dimensions for those.


Extra characters are calculated as 50% of the price added on top of the total price, but can go lower or higher depending on the visibility of the characters.


I will do small edits up to a certain point on the finished product after approval of the final sketch, once I have sent you a sketch and you have approved it, any changes after will incur a fee, unless they were made by my own fault, such as small coloring or marking mistakes, however large changes depending on how complicated they are will only be done after paying an amount based on the time needed to make said changes.


You are not permitted to use my artwork or edit it for profit in any way, please see below for commercial usage.

I do not give permission for my artwork, commissioned or not, to be used to train AI. If I have found that my artwork has been used without my permission, I will exercise my right to ban you from my service.


If you would like to commission work for commercial use (logos, mascots, merch, etc), please contact me about it and we can have a discussion about it. Generally this will be an upfront cost, or arranged royalties. You may post the artwork on your personal social media and use as an icon/banner, and I highly appreciate it if you do! I do ask that you please credit me if you can as it helps spread my work.


If you would like the commission to be kept private and not posted online, please let me know and I will keep it private! If the work is to be kept private indefinitely, I do ask for a small fee of £10.

Character ownership policies:

if the commissioner is found to not be in ownership of the character they commission art of, and the owner of the character is not available to, or did not consent to the artwork being created, you will be blacklisted from commissioning me and your order will be sent to the owner of the character. You will not be refunded.


in the case of adoptables, please have written consent from the artist who originally created your adopt that you are in ownership of this character. If I suspect that you are not in ownership of a character, I will do this myself.

Refund Policies:

Within 1 week of your commission date, if you need to cancel the commission it will be cancelled without debate in full. After 1 week has passed, your commission will be subject to a cancellation fee, the fee will depend both on time passed and the current state of the commission progress.

Once the lineart of a commission is complete, refunds will be unavailable as an option.


Please make sure when you commit to a commission you are in a stable financial situation in case a refund in your case won't be possible!


If for any reason the commission is abandoned and work has been completed but unpaid for i;e, a charge back or forced refund, I reserve the rights to repurpose this artwork for another commission, YCH or print work.

Reference sheets:

Regarding reference sheet commissions: My reference sheets are generally formed with a series of assets made over the years I've been creating references. This is due to our 3 view references being tailored to fursuits! The shapes and overall look are designed to match closely to the style of Camodile's fursuits.

We -do not- charge extra for changes that go outside of our templates, be it a new species, hair style, ect. But please be aware unless we are made aware before your payment is received and your brief is given for us, you will be receiving something fully fursuit friendly, down to us simplifying shapes and markings. If you would like a reference sheet more tailored to art, we also offer this and you can chat with me about it via twitter/telegram if that's what you would prefer! Our references geared towards art are -not- templated and usually come in 2 view, not 3 view. If you are getting a ref specifically to use while Camodile has quotes open, our fursuit style refs are the only ones geared towards that.

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