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Please fill the forms found on my contact page if you're interested in a commission!

(some examples on this page are 18+ content for adults only, please proceed at your own discretion)

Color illustration

color illustration with shading, includes simple color background

complex backgrounds (ex. buildings, furniture, large scenery etc) may effect final price


Bust: $65

Fullbody: $120

Digital conbadges

currently available as digital image files only!

Flat color: $35

Shaded: $45

Two view reference sheet

general reference sheet, base price comes with two views, and a color palette

additional info and accessories may be added for an extra fee

Base price: $80

+$20 each extra bust/accessory detail



Additional characters for any piece (excluding conbadges, which are single characters only) are priced at a percentage of how much of the second character is visible. 50% is the average cost for additional characters, though this may be more or less depending on your prompt for the commission piece.

The price of badges is relative to the final size of the piece being smaller than our regular work. if you would like a cel shaded bust at our regular A4 300DPI sizing, please go for this option.


I currently do not have the means to print badges, so please keep in mind that you will need to print it yourself!

Fursuit reference sheets


(see Camodile's website for info on their suits!)

Bust only with snout detail

Good for when you're only commissioning a fursuit head!


Standard three-view reference

Three fullbody views of your character, footpaw close up (or a different part/accessory) and snout detail, recommended when commissioning a fullsuit


three-view + bust detail

Everything in the standard reference, but with an extra bust to show off your character's personality!


Bust details may be turned into a badge at no extra cost, however they must be printed and laminated yourself. If you would like us to do it, please see above regarding printing/laminating of conbadges.

I do offer artistic liberty type commissions for those without prior reference images. Just give me a theme, color palette, and/or species to work with and I will make a design for you!

(be sure to let me know things you want/want to avoid in the design as well!)

NSFW additions can be made to full body reference sheets at an additional cost of $15.

Disclaimer; All reference arts are designed for use as a costume reference, if you have complex details or excessive markings they will be simplified for this reason. If you would simply like a normal ref sheet not to be used as a costume ref, please let me know before the commission starts. Just keep in mind I may enforce a complexity charge for large wings or very complex markings. Complexity charges are usually around 20% of your final commission cost.

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