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Are you open for commissions?

For the most part yes! I am always open but I tend to only take new slots on once I've cleared older slots on my queue beforehand. I will tell you if I currently can't take your commission if you ask me.

What can you draw/won't draw?


I enjoy drawing✔️:

  • humans

  • furry/anthro

  • monsters type characters

  • mecha/robotics

  • NSFW content

  • fanart

  • OCs

I will not draw❌: 

  • underage characters in adult situations 

  • offensive/discriminatory content [EX; racist, transphobic]


*fees may be added for extreme fetishes

Do you take requests or trades?

Usually no, the only exception I would make is if I specifically ask for requests or to trade with people myself!

What tools do you use?

Clip studio paint EX and a huion kamvas 13!

What's your general completion time?

I try for less than a month once I start a commission, however depending on my queue it may take longer due to the amount of work especially if you're towards the end of my queue. I will tell you or announce if there's anything that may cause delays!

Do reference sheets guarantee me a slot with Camodile?

Reference sheet commissions intended to be used to commission Camodile only provide favoritism over other entries. As such you will be considered before those without a reference sheet drawn by me. However, if the amount of people who submit quotes exceed the number of people that Camodile can accept, you may not get in that first round. Submissions that don't make it in the first time do however get priority with the next queue.

If I don't get a slot with Camodile, can I request a refund?
No, once work is completed on your reference sheet and the finished piece is sent to you and approved, the transaction is over and no refund will be provided. Your working contract with me is only for the artwork, and slots taken on by Camodile are at their discretion, not mine.

Can I use what I commission for prints?

You may use artwork commissioned from me for personal use. This covers a wide range of things providing you do not aim to make profit from my work. If the commission is intended to be used as a logo or branding for your business and may be given out for supposed monetary gain through acquisition of clientele, this would no longer count under personal use. If you would like to see my terms for branding, logos or artwork you intend to sell on, please see my terms of service.

Things you may do with commissioned work once complete include;

  • Printing on clothing

  • Printing with intent to frame/collect

  • Use as a profile picture/banner on social medias

  • Upload to any gallery site with clear credits given


All of the above is under the general term of the piece being used for non profit. EX; you may print multiple shirts and give them to friends, you may not print shirts and sell them. If you are found to be selling my work without express permission given through written contract, legal action may be taken.

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