Telegram Stickers

These are small images intended to be used with the Telegram messaging app. They can also be used for other things, such as reaction images, ect. Pricing is available per single sticker and also as bundles. We also have a 'starter pack' available of 6 stickers at a discounted cost using our available templates. I will update this page with examples when I have them available!

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Per sticker: $15

Buy 5 as a bundle and receive the 6th sticker free*

Additional character: $7.50
Additional YCH character: $3
Complexity charge**: $3
Bundle prices: (5+1, $75), (10+2, $150), ect

templated stickers.png

Starter pack of 6:

Templated: $50

Minor edits to template [EX- horns, small wings]: $60

6 stickers via our templates, which will be added to for different species' as time goes on.

Currently available species for starter packs: Canine.

For an example of a sticker set that is now used within Telegram, here is a set I have made for @BLDHOUND187 on twitter!


Arlo's Sticker Set

Characters in stickers must be your own with written consent from any additional character owners included. Exceptions being the YCH placeholder.

Stickers may be SFW/NSFW in nature.

Stickers will be given to you in a zip file via email correctly sized for uploading (512x512px). If you would like larger files please consider commissioning me for flat colour normal artwork instead. The included credit file must also be uploaded to your pack. If you have any issues with the sizing of your stickers, I will resend them at my soonest availability.

If you would like me to make up the sticker pack for you for use right away, please allow an additional surcharge of 5% of the overall cost of your order for my time.

*Any freebie stickers will be of my own design/choice with the character/s provided for the sticker set, you may influence the choice but it will ultimately be a surprise.

**You will be advised before committing to anything if your character falls under the complexity charge.